Chantal Faust


Location: Tower Hamlets

I am interested in using photography to explore the relationship between touch and vision and how this distinction is gradually collapsing in response to evolving technologies. My images are made without a camera and yet they reference a pre-existing language of photography - how we read and understand images and the spatial relationships that can be expected when viewing a photograph. With the use of a flatbed scanner as an image-making machine, my pictures look towards a subversion of this photographic vernacular in order to create an uncanny viewing experience.
The scanner disobeys the rules of lens-based photography associated with aperture, depth of field and the use of perspective. Scanning requires an immediate proximity to the subject. It distorts and stretches space and yet the focus maintains an acute sensitivity to surface detail; so much so that the images can often appear hyperreal. The glass of the scanner makes a visible impact upon the surface of that which it scans. Any photographic anonymity offered from behind the camera's lens is here denied through the physical transformation of subject matter and the subsequent freezing of this pressured moment into a flat image.



2009 head land, Jenny Port Gallery, Richmond, Australia
2008 Pleasure Machines, Margaret Lawrence Gallery VCA, Southbank, Australia
2007 Through a scanner darkly, Jenny Port Gallery, Richmond, Australia
2006 Pear Shaped, West Space Inc., Melbourne, Australia
2006 Capture, KINGS Artist Run Initiative, Melbourne, Australia
2006 Monster, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Fitzroy, Australia
2005 Pane in the glass, 24seven, Melbourne, Australia


2010 Autumn Masterpieces: Highlights from the Permanent Collection, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, Australia
2010 Hypnopopia, Sutton Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2009 I Saw Myself In Your Eyes, Jugglers Art Space, Brisbane, Australia
2008 Scanned and Drawn (representing the Centre for Contemporary Photography), Melbourne Art Fair 2008, Royal Exhibition Buildings, Australia
2007 Perfect for every occasion: photography today (curated by Zara Stanhope), Heide Museum of Modern Art, Bulleen, Australia
2007 'u-turn', Glendale Art College Gallery, Glendale, Los Angeles, USA