Harry Cartwright


Location: London, E8
Website: harrycartwright.co.uk

Adorned with a capricious quality, Harry Cartwright’s work is steeped in an old-school, atmosphere that is often paired with a more contemporary subject matter and technique. On first encounter, his paintings seem very graphical. Using a bold use of block colour, often combined with deep, crisp black shadows and outlines, his painterly language is quickly becoming more recognisable as his studio output increases. His recent body of ‘photo paintings’ aim to blur the line between art and life; between fact and fiction. Fusing un-retouched 35mm photographs with a painterly representation of the rest of the image. This offers the audience a painted extension of real life. For the viewer, such confident and unique material combinations and mark-making mean Cartwright's bold and ever growing body of work is visually very exciting.

You could mistake him for being a California boy given the feel that his art brings across, yet Harry lives and works in London, UK. Although the 24-year-old mainly focuses on painting, he has experimented with a wide variety of other forms too, namely photography which was his first passion and what led to his love of images and creating imagery. Paired with his unparalleled passion and hustle for creating 'images' and continuously pushing his craft on the whole, it would suggest an artist at the beginning of a strong career.


2016 Micro Frieze, Regents Park, London
2016 Mountains and Flowers, London Fields, London


2017 The Next Generation of Artists, Laing Gallery, London
2017 TMRW POP-UP, Box Park Shoreditch, London
2016 Bedroom Artists, The Hive, Dalston, London
2016 Parallax Art Fair, Chelsea Town Hall, London
2016 Arty Party, CP+B, London
2014 AESTHETIC, Hackney Baths, London