Jerome Redfarn


Jerome Studied Painting at Ecole d'Art du Havre - '77-79'
Film & Video BA at St Martins School of Art - 81-84
Through Super 8 Film Clubs like 'Reel Love' & 'The Exploding Cinema' – 84-90 – Jerome came to make multi-projection installations for clubs and for events for movies like Trainspotting, My Beautiful Laundrette and more. He has also overseen multi-camera shoots for live events in London, Paris and Milan – '86-89'.
During 1990's Jerome mainly directed, but also worked as D.o.P and editor on 100 music videos for artists including Oasis, Scritti Politti, Alabama 3 and PJ Harvey. At this time his own work included experimental documentaries and dramas.
Since 2011, Jerome has been trading as INKY FILMS, as an umbrella company for his own work and commissioned film-making projects.
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'Portraits of London' is a multi-screen installation directed by Brazillian filmmaker Eduardo Nunez. Cinematography by Jerome Redfarn – for B3 Media and exhibition at the V&A and the Biscuit Factory.

'Learning Hebrew (a Gothsplotation Movie)' Director: Louis Joon, edited by Jerome Redfarn. Portobello Film Festival 2012.

‘Nothing is Impossible’ was shortlisted for the Satyajit Ray short film competition in 2010. It won best short film at the New York International Sikh film festival in October 2010. It was screened in November 2010 at the Los Angeles Sikh and Arts film festival and received a Creative Media award. It has been selected by the British Council short film scheme, and has been shortlisted for the best short film competition at the Tongues on Fire London Asian Film Festival in March 2011. Dir: Nina Duttory. Cinematography and Produced by: Jerome Redfarn.