Kate Murray-Browne

Location: Bow Road Studios, Bow Arts Trust
Website: www.katemurraybrowne.com

My work is about memory, loss and the emotional resonance of objects. My paintings depict objects that I’ve collected; they range from the personal to the domestic to the irregular, but all are in some way familiar. They are often broken or functionless – fragments of pipe, a piece of antler – and out of their defining context – in jars, propped against a wall, next to a unrelated object. Rendered in a subdued palette, they surface and recede from the plane of the picture like memories, as if questioning their own existence. The curious things feel ordinary; the ordinary more curious.

They suggest that the most powerful emotional narratives are found in the everyday; that there is a particular potency in the familiar; and that it is worth paying attention to the things that go unnoticed.

While the pieces can seem melancholy, awkward, haunting or occasionally macabre, they are an attempt to find beauty in difficult things. The works are arresting in their subtlety, challenging in their simplicity. They ask the viewer to reconsider the ordinary, find beauty in melancholy, meaning in loss.


Zeitgeist Summer Exhibition 2014, Bond House, ASC Studios, 10th–12th July 2014
Residency: '57A', Whitstable, 2013
Zeitgeist Summer Exhibition, 2013, Bond House, ASC Studios, 18th–20th July 2013
Zeitgeist Open 2012, Bond House, ASC Studios, 17th November-1st December 2012
Bow Open Show, Bermondsey Project Space, 30th June-15th July 2012
BAT Pack III, Mile End Art Pavilion, 7th-10th June 2012
Remains, Maggs Gallery, 28th April-1st May 2012