Location: London, E1
Website: www.kendalkempsey.com

Director of Photography | Editor.
I am a documentary filmmaker primarily focusing on social issues and human interest themes, using the visual image to capture emotions and tell real life stories.I combine an encompassing technical knowledge with a discreet and personal approach to filming with sensitive issues allowing me to capture emotive and powerful imagery.
I also work on promotional films for charities and independent production companies.With extensive experience of shooting on location from the streets of Havana to the Himalayan regions of Kashmir, I work with communities on educational programmes, teaching camera and editing techniques so that they can continue to document their own stories.


Examples of my film work are available online at:

Please see a list of credits below:
Homeless (Working Title) - Channel 4 Indie Fund
Stand By Me - MENCAP
Protecting Our Planet - Puro
We're All In This Together - Unison
Who Are We? - Unison
Street Market Chefs (10 x 30 mins) - Five (Hotbed)
Don't Call Me Stupid - BBC3
Secret Britain - BBC1
Mark Lawson Talks To - BBC4
Child Of Our Time (2 x 1hr) - BBC1
Crude Britannia - BBC4
Timewatch - BBC2
Lifeline - BBC1
Health Inc - Galileao & Montreal Canadiens
Rekindle the Flame - Grampus Heritage
The Quarry Diaries - Warp Films/ Juliet Mckoen
Being Poly - Conway Films