Nadia Berri


Location: London

I am a Swiss mixed media artist and completed an MA in Fine Art at Byam Shaw, Central Saint Martins in 2010. I live and work in London.

I am interested in John Cage’s statement that ‘art is purposeless’ play’ and with my practice I attempt to take this further towards the idea that play is never purposeless.

Play is a constructive and educational practice and through my work I introduce play and a child’s unconventional ways of behaving into conventional and established structures. These can be architectural and solid structures that we move or behave around or immaterial and formless structures, such as codes of conducts, rules, regulations and situations.

I take things to absurd limits and mess up a fixed idea of reality, the works become metaphors or “what ifs” of human behaviour in our world of rules and structures that we (adults) often blindly obey and rarely question.

Towards this end my work is often site-specific or takes the role of a prop in some kind of wider spontaneous or loosely choreographed performance of objects, things and places, sometimes with performers in the know, with the audience itself or both.


Selected Exhibitions

2013 LUPAFETE - LAST EVER LUPA (LUPA20) an all day event.
chewing the fat, a site and time-specific performance at Annka Kultys Collection
LUPA 15, behind James Campbell House, London, E2 9QE, Lock Up Performance Art - A performance
series curated by Aaron Willliamson (2011-2012), Jordan McKenzie, Kate Mahony and Rachel Dowle
(2011-2013). LUPA ends in June 2013 with LUPA 20

2012 Two Art Projects, Heygate Estate/Pullens Estate, Elephant & Castle, London
SE1 Open Show, Bow Arts SE1 Project Space, Bermondsey, London
Repeat, Rewind, Rephrase, Latymer Projects, London
Sculpture Show, Construction Gallery, London

2011 PORK II, The Marlborough, Peckham, London
PORK, Bermondsey Project Space, London
Smashing Time, Ragged School Museum, London

2010 Shortlisted for futuremap
MA Degree Show 2010, Byam Shaw @ Central Saint Martins, London
MA Interim, The Concourse Gallery, Byam Shaw @ Central Saint Martins, London
126 Days, The Crypt Gallery, London

2009 Nadia Berri - Little War, Weymouth Project Space, London

2006 Reg Aloyseus, Nadia Berri, Rob Brown, Third Floor Gallery, Brooklyn, New York
Nadia Berri, Hair-Piece, Great Windmill Street, London

2004 You Know How to Whistle Don't You Steve?, Vintage Clothes Dept. Christie's, London

Grants and Residencies

PORK - Residency Bermondsey Project Space (2011), South Square Trust Scholarship (2010), Weymouth Project Space Residency (2009)