Paul Sammut


Location: London
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After graduating from a Fine Art BA at Nottingham Trent University I went on to manage the ICA Bookshop and then set to up the Saatchi Gallery Bookshop. During this time I was continuing to work on smaller drawing and writing projects and decided that it was time to give my practice more time and focus.

I then started working part time for Book Works who are primarily a publisher of artists projects. Along with curator Alexandra Terry I was invited to be a permanent Artist in Residence at The Woodmill, Bermondsey. The project that we developed; The P.A.S.T. Projects Library and Archive, was an evolving biographical document of The Woodmill and its activities. We would work with artists and curators to add material to the functioning library space, creating an area for reference and the opening up of ideas. We have then gone on to work with other people as a duo, collaborating on publishing and event based projects.

Leading on from working with them on The Bergen Biennial I have come to work as part of the collective Gandt, with artists Jenny Moore, James Ferris and varying others. We collaborate with groups of artists on event based exhibitions allowing ideas and themes to develop out of the collaboration process. The whole group of exhibitors then becomes Gandt for the duration to exist as one of many parts.

My solo work, which currently is primarily writing and drawing, deals with similar concerns to our work as P.A.S.T. Projects in creating space between objects to allow ideas to ferment, develop and to be seen from different angles. I also act as the European office of the Mexican Artist Jorge De la Garza, producing and organising for exhibitions as necessary in the artist's absence.


11/11: P.A.S.T. Projects piece for Baston Blanco #3, bi-annually published by Jafre Project in Jafre, Spain
09/11: La Resistencia a la Interpretación, Spanish translation of In Conversation With Jorge De la Garza Caviar Izquierda #4, published in Mexico City, Mexico
06/11: Hi-Teen Carnival (co-curated with GANDT)
And/Or Bureau, London, UK
06/11: Let's Be Civil Opening Ceremony
And/Or Bureau, London, UK
05/11: Nachleben published by P.A.S.T. Projects on occasion of Nachleben, an exhibition of works by Jorge De la Garza. Text, A Dog at Three Fifteen by Paul Sammut.
First Floor Projects, London, UK
04/11: One Dot Says To Another
George Polke, London, UK
10/10: Bergen Biennial
The Woodmill, London, UK
10/10: In Conversation With Jorge De la Garza, text for Introducing #12 Boyfriend Material Published by LIANGWEST on occasion of Boyfriend Material
8 Egerton Gardens Mews, London, UK
02/10 - 04/11: 'P.A.S.T. Projects Library and Archive', a project conceived, developed and executed with Alexandra Terry as P.A.S.T. Projects as permanent artists in residence
The Woodmill, London, UK
04/09: Jamie Radcliffe: The Exhibition
Low Salt, Glasgow, Scotland
08/08: 080808
13 Abersham Road, London, UK
05/08: Press Release text for There is Nothing Left to Lose, an exhibition of work by James E. Smith
Stand Assembly, Nottingham, UK

09/07: Artwork or Network and the Development of the Real text for an online project by Andy Pepper
10/06: Today is a Beautiful Day
Nog Gallery, London, UK
09/06: Private: Staff Only
ICA, London, UK
07/06: Join The Dots…
Ben Kaufman Galerie, Berlin, Germany
04/06: Hole in the Brambles (co-curated with Hannah Ellul and Sinead McCarthy)
Start Contemporary Gallery, Brighton, UK
05/05: Under Construction: Nottingham Trent Degree Show
Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK
03/05: Perforations (co-curated with Hannah Ellul and Sinead McCarthy)
Bubblegum, London, UK
02/05: Turnover (co-curated with James Smith and Nicky Whiting)
Newcastle Chambers, Nottingham, UK
12/04: Play
Nottingham Arts Theatre, Nottingham, UK