Siân Louise Spicer

Location: South-East London

squish, scribble and drip.
I can paint, sew, mould, cut, photograph and film objects.
My artistic practice explores the relationship between materials, actions and processes and looks at the possibilities those 'things' have.

There is a specific dialogue between pieces, treading the line between introverted and extroverted. Playfully odd and unsettlingly attractive; seductive and/or dark at times.

Material selection is important. I am drawn to certain objects; bought, found, given, and grown; both familiar and unfamiliar. I often combine and overload visual elements which create rich and layered reference points. Often associated with craft and consumption, I use multiple colours, textures, shapes and patterns.

The size of things I make is often small, but through painting, photography and film, the work can be seen at a different scale. Envisaging quirky 'worlds', installations and multiple pieces from the same concept together leads to further possibilities.

Currently I have a fascination with dinosaurs and space, but I always like manipulating language.
Metaphorically and literally splitting the alphabet in two.