Soraia Almeida


Location: Westminster

Soraia is a multidisciplinary artist; originally from Lisbon (b.1983) but based in the UK since her teens. She studied Politics with Economics at Goldsmiths College, before pursuing a career as a fine artist; this greatly influences her practice today. In essence, a practice concerned with intellectual ideas committed to abstraction rather than an engagement with reality or daily life, it seeks to explore philosophical themes in the framework of investigation, always leaning towards the artist’s certain utopian idealism and romanticism about life itself.

This enquiry instigates the creation of the artwork, itself the vessel that carries it through, in essence a study on the nature of identity, purity, beauty, autonomy and authorship, freedom, power and morality as well as an exploration of colour, texture, pattern and repetition, making its discovery through painting, drawing, collage and sculpture.

Soraia has exhibited both in the UK and Internationally. In the UK, she was one of the Official Artists of the Elephant Parade 2010- a record breaking public art exhibition in London, raising awareness and funds for the endangered Asian Elephant. Here she painted a real sized adolescent elephant, Patchwork Elephant, which then sold at auction, raising £18.250 for the Elephant Family, the Elephant Parade raised in total over £4m in the UK. In October 2010, she was invited by LaFontsee Galleries in Michigan, US to be one of their artists for Artprize 2010- the World’s Largest Art prize- for which she created a 5ft Swarovski Crystal, aluminium and wire sculpture, entirely made by hand.


2013March Brighter Days, Pie Gallery, Kent, UK
2013 Parallax International Art Fair, London, UK
2011 Edinburgh Art Fair in Association with Art Addict, Edinburgh, Scotland
2011 Print/Publish, Ben Navaee Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2011 Art Auction, Inspired by People, London, UK
2011 I am Patchwork, Frevd Bar, London, UK
2010 100sq London, UK
2010 100sq ft, New Orleans, US
2010 Cross my Art, Art and Escape, London, UK
2010 Artprize, Grand Rapids, US
2010 London Elephant Parade, London, UK
2010 Rough and Dandy, 10 Gales Gallery, London, UK
2010 Jun 2010, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, NY, US
2010 Emerging Issues, The Gallery, London, UK
2010 Artbelow, London Bridge Underground, London, UK
2010 100sq ft, Cholmeley Boys Club, London, UK
2010 Smile at the Red Gate Gallery, London, UK